A little about us…

First off, thank you for supporting a local business! At Beeline Honey we are a family of beekeepers. Jeremy, his girlfriend Delsey, his Grandfather Ray, and his Great Uncle Wayne all help with keeping bees and keeping the honey jars filled! We operate Beeline Honey as a team and we know we couldn’t do it without you, our customers, friends, family, and of course the bees!

Ask us about bees! Jeremy and Delsey volunteered at the 2014 State Fair to answer questions about bees. We really do love bees!

Jeremy is the beekeeper, he manages the hives by checking them periodically throughout the year to ensure that they are healthy, vigorous, and contain happy bees. Happy bees are important to a colony’s success; an angry hive is a sure sign of distress. Jeremy spends much of his time working with the bees, even if it is just sitting down and watching them fly in and out of the hives.

Delsey is a bit more modest, she prefers not to be elbow deep in a beehive but rather maintain the equally important support role. Delsey keeps the “i’s’ dotted and the “t’s” crossed behind the scenes. She is always working on something whether it be labeling honey jars, staffing a Saturday Market booth, or keeping the scrapbook up to date.

Completing the trio is Grandpa Porter who hosts one of the Apiarys on his property in Aumsville. Most of our bees reside in an overgrown Christmas Tree field where he keeps a close eye on them year round. The location is perfect for overwintering bees and is surrounded by blueberry, meadowfoam, and grass seed fields. Grandpa Porter can usually be found in the Apiary watching the bees fly, or in the shop building and painting bee hives.

Jeremy and Grandpa Porter in the apiary.

At Beeline Honey we work hard to keep the bees happy, our customers happy, and ourselves happy. We want you to love our honey so much you will keep coming back for more, and tell your friends! In addition to our raw honey, we also offer wildflower bee pollen, and premium grade yellow beeswax year-round. We love to talk about bees, share our knowledge, and have fun! So please, if you have any questions send us an email or drop us a line. We also welcome suggestions for improvement and thank your for your continued support of Beeline Honey.


Jeremy, Delsey, and Grandpa Porter